Learn Guitar With Jazz

My philosophy on guitar instruction lies in the equal importance of teaching musicianship and technique, rather than focusing on one or the other exclusively. When an imbalance exists between these two elements of learning, the student always suffers. Of course, the benefits of training one's dexterity and hand strength is obvious. Less immediately obvious, however, are the benefits of a solid sense of rhythm, the ability to intuitively determine melodic and harmonic quality, and the musical literacy to understand a sheet of music at a glance.

These abilities, while only being the tip of the iceberg in regard to musicianship, greatly increase the accessibility of playing with other musicians and learning new music, but are routinely neglected in many guitarists' courses of study. The following are some examples of the differences between technique and musicianship which should illustrate the advantages in concurrently learning both in one curriculum.


  • The ability to intuitively keep place in a song without having to obsessively count measures
  • The skill to recognize common chord progressions by ear
  • Listening and transcribing songs to a written page
  • Rearranging a transcription for different instrumentation than originally played


  • The ability to play a passage (chords or melodies) smoothly and convincingly
  • The avoidance of injury which will prevent future growth of ability
  • Reducing extraneous noise while performing techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, and sweep picking,
  • Exercising articulation and dynamics during chording and solos

If you would like to try a lesson, please contact me in whichever way is most convenient. The first lesson includes an evaluation and a discussion about your personal goals as a guitarist.